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If life is death
and death is life

then getting old is getting bold
and youth a burst, a flash a thirst

a fire which is quickly quenched
and in temporal sweetness drenched

there were hills to climb
and pills sublime

eternity is a game
love is a frame

all suffering turns on and off
at responsibility I would scoff

to die in glory
with fame and story

to be a hero for the world to follow
but now I see that that is hollow

the unfading light within my soul
burns forever bright and makes me whole

to continue unknowing
with questions unanswered flowing

the courage to grow old and grey
to look with wonder at each new day

to no longer strive
or fight for recognition
to be here now
within my own contrition

what lies ahead is never clear
but I must embrace it
with no more fear

heroes are for myths and tales
for me to read as my rickety boat
drifts with ragged sails

across the oceans of time and space
with greying whiskers on my face

memories fade and fall away
with new adventures that fill each day

the cruelty of man surrounds me
the destruction of life astounds me

sometimes it’s hard to watch
as the innocent are dashed upon the rocks

led by fools consumed with competitive greed
their followers are toys for their sick need

life is now and in each moment
dreams of power can only torment

fools who pull us into false desire
drag us into greed and fire

we join a dance that feels false and awkward
a cheap shining light that beckons us forward

promises of riches, fame and glory
of becoming a hero of some mythical story

happiness is a choice
within each moment, within each breath
not to be sealed
with some pointless death

I savour the force
that fills my heart

this precious life
of which I am part

I live this strange life of wonder
through the sun and through the thunder

listening and paying heed
is all there is and all I need

through this adventure, through this song
swimming in it’s music, it carries me along

the pain of life is real
but to be a hero is to live and feel

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