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Step By Step (Moving) [Seiren Remix] by PhoenixandtheFlowerGirl 4.09 

Hurt You by PVNDV 4.08

Vera Beatfanatic rmx 100 free downloads by beatfanatic 6.50

Poker Man by Swamp Spruce 3.09 


David Turner - The Doggy Ate My Daddy by David Turner531 2.57 

Dayna Original Come & Get it by DaynaIndigohoe 3.15 

Right Now (Bugatti) Ft. Illah (Produced by XXX Productions) by JordanRay 4.26 

MAGIC LADY by Mayra & Mr.Mow 3.13 

Fancy Animal - Rosemary’s Delight (Original Mix) by Fancy Animal 4.00 

Aphasia Rewinding by tennyson 3.12 

Starting Again by AT3 (Sven Atterton) 5.12 

CoreSyntax - Full Spectrum !FREE DOWNLOAD! Video on YouTube by CoreSyntax 5.36 

Miraj (Tangos-Bulerias) by Maharajah Flamenco Trio 6.07 

30 Days by Blake Bastion 2.28

Erima Pamutuku FT Samboy ital by Stylishentsl 2.32 

Mirror by Brian Routh 5.12 

Clockvice - It Sounds Like We’re Breaking (Preview) by Enig’matik Records 4.26 

ΛTΔMϟMΛϟHΛ - Tuff Sick [actually is free download] by ATOMSMASHA 3.13 

To the Moon (And Back) by tennyson 3.00 

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words Dave Migman
music and production Audiothrillseeker

Matter, dark

did you touch the wall?
Did you feel it? The awful sound
That bubbled beneath your palm
When you connected to the cold,
Didn’t you? Did you feel the pulse of atoms,
the swirl of neutrons
The rhythm of our night!
Can’t you sense it in the early
Hours? This hushed expectation
That wields the pregnant labour
Of potentials, the enquiry
Of inspiration, gargoyles gasped,
The night is hewn from
Matter, dark, but can’t you sense
It out there? Beyond the old town
On this Sunday night of
Existence, everything waits,
Holds its breath and waits.

Our hearts fused like resin, a congealed
and glassy scab of confused emotions
I let you in, with a smile, that led to a kiss,
that led to our passionate release
led to war
led to peace
led to our ungainly fall

I do not blame you. I do not hate you
I am aware of the swamp of parodies
we traversed to seek the finality of our screams

So now I seek to learn contentment
in the shell of a pack-less wolf
to fill the shell with life. And no looking back.

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